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Caragh Precision in Action

Caragh Precision in Action

Continuous Machining Investment

We continue to invest in the latest machining technology and older machines are being replaced on a phased basis and operator skills updated to take advantage of the machining strategies which new machines combined with advances in cutting tools offer.

The latest addition to the Caragh portfolio of machine tools is an ONA NX3F CNC die sinking machine. It is the most recent version of the NX range of Die sinking machines from ONA. ONA is a pioneer in EDM technology and has over 50 years of know-how in the development of EDM. The NX3F, with tool-changer, is designed to automate die sinking work in a simple and effective way.

Die sinking is used to produce complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to produce with conventional cutting tools because of work-piece geometry or material hardness. There is no direct contact between tool and work-piece so delicate sections can be machined with minimal distortion. Mirror like surface finishes can be produced without hand polishing.

The machine is a welcome addition to the portfolio of advanced technology equipment which Caragh Precision is continuing to expand.